Monday, August 30, 2010


There's just something about relationships where both people are feminine that is so wonderful! I know that many T-girls need to be penetrated and for many of us those times might be in the past or never happened.

I know that despite my fantasies of being with men I have for more than 20 years now been loyal to my mistress. And she loves my girlieness and we are like girlfriends -- sort of like in the picture but I have that darn sissy clitty still.

But from behind we might look like this walking into the kitchen for some wine after I have licked her to multiple glorious orgasms! I envision myself as the girl on the right and I am asking my mistress if she indeed has had all the orgasms that she desires or if we need to have our wine and head back to bed for an encore!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My view ... and it's a great one!

I assume the position like the girl on the left!
This is the view I have when making out with my mistress. After we get nakie and cuddle a little bit and I take care of her titties, I assume the position! My tongue is conditioned to be there a long time! And so is my neck!

But I don't mind at all. The best thing is that my mistress appreciates my oral efforts so much! And I just worship her pussy because that is -- obviously -- what I would like to have too!

Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a good place for a T-girl or real girl to be!
When you are licking a woman, do you feel that she has to reciprocate? If you are a T-girl like me, then you are probably very happy to just submit yourself to her.

Ever since I started licking girls to orgasms in college, I have rarely had my sissy clitty sucked in return. Some of the girls in college and the women after college never ever returned to the favor. I would pleasure them and then we would cuddle afterwards. In college, when I was "special friends" with these girls, some of them actually had boyfriends and I know they were sucking their cocks!

My mistress and I have an arrangement: We concentrate on her pleasure, period. I think it is a great deal for me. In return, she keeps me: A sissy T-girl who shaves her body and wants to be a girl and is submissive and fantasizes about men's cocks and who used to suck cocks before she met her and decided to be loyal to her! I have a great mistress! She is beautiful and smart and assertive and caring. And she could have had her pick of real men.

Licking continues as she drifts off to sleep!
For us, sex is cuddling and then me licking and sucking her tits. And then me licking and sucking her pussy to a glorious orgasm. I get great pleasure in her moaning and hip-bucking! And then I will give her a massage and sometimes rub lotion on her if she desires. Then it's time for round two. The licking and sucking of her pussy shrine takes much longer the second time, but the orgasm seems to be even more intense for her. Sometimes she will want a third orgasm, but most of the time her clitty is a little sore by the second one and she will be done with me. She will roll over to go to sleep and when she does, that is the sign for me to start licking her ass and tonguing her asshole. I am to do it until she is asleep.

She pretty much ignores my sissy clitty. I can't get her off with it. Sometimes if she wants penetration I will use a dildo or vibrator on her, but mostly she craves me pleasuring her with my tongue.She tells her friends how good I am and they are actually jealous! She might suck on my sissy clitty here and there. Maybe twice a year she might have me cum in her mouth and then she spits my little spurt into my mouth. More often, she will just tease me with a couple of licks.

And then there are the times when I am pleasuring her pussy with my tongue that she will say, "I know you wish you had a pussy like mine," and I will moan in agreement! She will tease me at other times by saying things like, "We should have had that little thing cut off."

It is a great relationship! I  am so blessed. Most T-girls would love to have a loving and tolerant mistress like mine.

But do you agree with this no reciprocation idea and being a T-girl who lives for her woman's pleasure?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Isle of Lesbos?

Found this great piece of art on a blog called Beauty in Nude. I'm probably not right but I imagine it could be a depiction of the Isle of Lesbos.

I could live on an island of all women, couldn't you. And I would be one of the submissive pussy lickers. Obviously, the women would be divided into the strong and dominant who get their pussies licked. And the weak and submissive who are the pussy lickers. I definitely would be in the latter category.

Wouldn't it be great if there were an island or even a city, state or country like that today! Maybe the women would welcome us T-girls and even remove our sissy clitties for us because, after all, having a vagina would be a requirement!

Here is the link for the blog Beauty in Nude. It is mostly beautiful girls nakie:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A great tame lezzie photo

I love this picture! It is probably the most common lezzie picture on the Internet. I guess it is a popular poster as well that you can buy. And it's tame enough that it can be put on a college dorm wall.

But when you  look at, what do you see? Can be two girls. Can be a T-girl and GG. Can be two T-girls. Heck, I wear panties and tops like that, don't you?

I like to fantasize that I am one of them, whether a T-girl or a GG. And I with a real girl.

What to you think when you see this photo?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Special girlfriends

When I was in college, each year I had a special girlfriends. If you are a sissy, then you know what I mean. These are girls that want to be your close friend, but they don't want to date you, because, well, because you are a sissy. But they still really like you and want to talk with you and do stuff with you.

The T-girl at left is this pretty girl's special girlfriend!
By the way, when this occurred in high school, the mean boys just hated it. I mean, I would go over to girls' houses and be in their bedrooms. Sometimes they would be scantily clad and since I was "harmless," they saw no problem with that. These girls would hug me up all the time, even in public. Some of the mean boys just totally resented me for that.

But in college, I would go to the dorms rooms of these special girlfriends that I had. We would talk for hours, sometimes about boys, sometimes about me being a sissy. We would carry on and tickle each other and maybe hold each other and one thing would lead to another and I would end up between their legs giving them pleasure. These girls really loved this. They were getting pleasured, did not have to reciprocate and did not have to worry about getting pregnant because I never ever was allowed to try to impose my little sissy clitty on them. That's even if I might have had it out of my panties. They would maybe fondle me, but other wise they ignored it -- just like my mistress does today!

What was funny was that one girl had a steady boyfriend back home. And sometimes he would call and I would be between the girl's legs pleasuring her. She would try to go on talking even though I would be down there trying even harder to bring her off!  A couple of times when he visited the girl she told him what a special friend I was to her and he never flinched because he saw what a sissy I was. But she was screwing this guy. She talked about it with me often.

In college, I spent a lot of time between people's legs, girls and guys. But the time spent pleasuring the girls was more special. And that is probably why, as a sissy, that I ended up being submissive to women and not in the gay lifestyle. But the way I figure, if you can't have the pussy that you desire, it is pretty great to be pleasuring them as a "special girlfriend."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Male Femininity & Gender Role Reversal Blog

I just love this blog:

A nice T-girl/girl couple!
Obviously, if you were put in the role of wife or girlfriend for a GG, you would play the lesbian role because there would be no need for your little sissy clitty.

But this is one of my favorite blogs to check in on. There are photos of T-girls with their wives (as in the photo I borrowed from the blog at right) and also stories. And T-girls as brides, too!

What a wonderful life it would be to be real lezzie or, for us, to be a lezzie T-girl! Those of us with dominant wives and girlfriends who value us a girls are quite lucky!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can you spot the real girl?

One of these girls is a real girl and one is a T-girl. And you know what? I can't tell which one! I'd have to find another photo in the set to find out!

But they are both gorgeous lezzies, don't you agree? I would want to be either one of them, whether the real girl or the T-girl and be in their place for what is about to happen between them!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome and first post!

I have always been girlie and a sissy. I have always wished that I was a girl. If you are reading this, that must apply to you too. Growing up and through college, I experimented with boys and always like to be with girls too. But most girls did not want to be with a sissy.

These two T-girls look just great together!
After college though, I found that the gay lifestyle did not appeal to me. Maybe it was because as a T-girl, I just did not fit in. I found that I was submissive to women and that was pretty much nothing new because I had always been submissive to everyone! So I ended up being a sissy who wanted to be with women. A wanna-be-woman who wanted to be with women!

This blog will be about T-girls who want to be with women. T-girls who want to be a woman and be with other women, and T-girls who want to be with other T-girls. In other words, two people both all smooth, most likely both with titties, both with female brains, both with nail polish, etc. Talk will be all feminine, about pussies, about worshiping pussies or sissy clitties, about wanting to have a pussy -- all the time. No real men here. You can talk about men on my other blog: Guys Who Wish They Were Girls.

So please read my comments and take part in my polls and join in!