Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a good place for a T-girl or real girl to be!
When you are licking a woman, do you feel that she has to reciprocate? If you are a T-girl like me, then you are probably very happy to just submit yourself to her.

Ever since I started licking girls to orgasms in college, I have rarely had my sissy clitty sucked in return. Some of the girls in college and the women after college never ever returned to the favor. I would pleasure them and then we would cuddle afterwards. In college, when I was "special friends" with these girls, some of them actually had boyfriends and I know they were sucking their cocks!

My mistress and I have an arrangement: We concentrate on her pleasure, period. I think it is a great deal for me. In return, she keeps me: A sissy T-girl who shaves her body and wants to be a girl and is submissive and fantasizes about men's cocks and who used to suck cocks before she met her and decided to be loyal to her! I have a great mistress! She is beautiful and smart and assertive and caring. And she could have had her pick of real men.

Licking continues as she drifts off to sleep!
For us, sex is cuddling and then me licking and sucking her tits. And then me licking and sucking her pussy to a glorious orgasm. I get great pleasure in her moaning and hip-bucking! And then I will give her a massage and sometimes rub lotion on her if she desires. Then it's time for round two. The licking and sucking of her pussy shrine takes much longer the second time, but the orgasm seems to be even more intense for her. Sometimes she will want a third orgasm, but most of the time her clitty is a little sore by the second one and she will be done with me. She will roll over to go to sleep and when she does, that is the sign for me to start licking her ass and tonguing her asshole. I am to do it until she is asleep.

She pretty much ignores my sissy clitty. I can't get her off with it. Sometimes if she wants penetration I will use a dildo or vibrator on her, but mostly she craves me pleasuring her with my tongue.She tells her friends how good I am and they are actually jealous! She might suck on my sissy clitty here and there. Maybe twice a year she might have me cum in her mouth and then she spits my little spurt into my mouth. More often, she will just tease me with a couple of licks.

And then there are the times when I am pleasuring her pussy with my tongue that she will say, "I know you wish you had a pussy like mine," and I will moan in agreement! She will tease me at other times by saying things like, "We should have had that little thing cut off."

It is a great relationship! I  am so blessed. Most T-girls would love to have a loving and tolerant mistress like mine.

But do you agree with this no reciprocation idea and being a T-girl who lives for her woman's pleasure?


  1. I've eaten a lot more pussies than the attached girls have sucked my dick. I've also eaten many more pussies than I've fucked, but no, I confess while I enjoy performing I do expect something in return. Usually that's the old in-out, but I keep waiting for the girl who will say, "okay. Now show me how you like to jerk off."

  2. If I never had an erection again and brought my partner to orgasm only with my mouth and fingers, that would be just fine with me. In my eyes, reciprocation (or lack thereof) is more of a D/s thing - a mind fuck, so to speak. If you know that things will always go one way then there is no hope or anticipation so there is less sexual tension. But, if every once in a while your needs are met then you are more eager.

  3. I totally agree with your first statement! I am naturally submissive! And part of that is putting my partner's pleasure above everything else. If I lick a woman to orgasm and she wants to roll over and go to sleep, I am so perfectly happy that I took care of her and that is what pleases me!

  4. After any session I have no sexual desire and require no reciprecation. I usually aren't sated and only want more.