Monday, August 16, 2010

Special girlfriends

When I was in college, each year I had a special girlfriends. If you are a sissy, then you know what I mean. These are girls that want to be your close friend, but they don't want to date you, because, well, because you are a sissy. But they still really like you and want to talk with you and do stuff with you.

The T-girl at left is this pretty girl's special girlfriend!
By the way, when this occurred in high school, the mean boys just hated it. I mean, I would go over to girls' houses and be in their bedrooms. Sometimes they would be scantily clad and since I was "harmless," they saw no problem with that. These girls would hug me up all the time, even in public. Some of the mean boys just totally resented me for that.

But in college, I would go to the dorms rooms of these special girlfriends that I had. We would talk for hours, sometimes about boys, sometimes about me being a sissy. We would carry on and tickle each other and maybe hold each other and one thing would lead to another and I would end up between their legs giving them pleasure. These girls really loved this. They were getting pleasured, did not have to reciprocate and did not have to worry about getting pregnant because I never ever was allowed to try to impose my little sissy clitty on them. That's even if I might have had it out of my panties. They would maybe fondle me, but other wise they ignored it -- just like my mistress does today!

What was funny was that one girl had a steady boyfriend back home. And sometimes he would call and I would be between the girl's legs pleasuring her. She would try to go on talking even though I would be down there trying even harder to bring her off!  A couple of times when he visited the girl she told him what a special friend I was to her and he never flinched because he saw what a sissy I was. But she was screwing this guy. She talked about it with me often.

In college, I spent a lot of time between people's legs, girls and guys. But the time spent pleasuring the girls was more special. And that is probably why, as a sissy, that I ended up being submissive to women and not in the gay lifestyle. But the way I figure, if you can't have the pussy that you desire, it is pretty great to be pleasuring them as a "special girlfriend."

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