Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome and first post!

I have always been girlie and a sissy. I have always wished that I was a girl. If you are reading this, that must apply to you too. Growing up and through college, I experimented with boys and always like to be with girls too. But most girls did not want to be with a sissy.

These two T-girls look just great together!
After college though, I found that the gay lifestyle did not appeal to me. Maybe it was because as a T-girl, I just did not fit in. I found that I was submissive to women and that was pretty much nothing new because I had always been submissive to everyone! So I ended up being a sissy who wanted to be with women. A wanna-be-woman who wanted to be with women!

This blog will be about T-girls who want to be with women. T-girls who want to be a woman and be with other women, and T-girls who want to be with other T-girls. In other words, two people both all smooth, most likely both with titties, both with female brains, both with nail polish, etc. Talk will be all feminine, about pussies, about worshiping pussies or sissy clitties, about wanting to have a pussy -- all the time. No real men here. You can talk about men on my other blog: Guys Who Wish They Were Girls.

So please read my comments and take part in my polls and join in!