Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do you love dominant women?

I found the great illustration and caption at right on one of the other blogs that I look at. (You'll have to click on it to read the caption if you can't make it out.)

But as a T-girl, wouldn't you just love to be owned and totally dominated by woman -- just as pictured. I have through the years submitted to women, consisting of oral worship without reciprocation and bondage and spanking and paddling and even cropping.

It is a wonderful way to live. I lived the bi lifestyle until my late 20s but -- as you may have also found out -- I discovered that as a T-girl I was not accepted in the gay scene. I mean, let's face it, most gay guys want to be with a manly man, not a sissy. We are the exception I am sure.

So I gravitated to confident, assertive and dominant women -- women who did not want a manly man because they are the ones who want to be in control. My mistress is such a woman. She was burned by a guy who tried to dominate her and she swore that that would never happen again. We met and she has been the dominant partner from the start.

Do you have a dominant female partner? I guess you might because if you are reading this you are probably a T-girl or sissy who wants to be with women and you are certainly not an equal to any woman out there!


  1. My wife is mostly dominant, but likes to switch once in a while, which I find difficult. Playing dominant is completely against my nature, but since she has been so amazing in accepting and encouraging my transformation into femininity, it's the least I can do to say thanks.

  2. You and I must be alike! Being dominant is completely against my nature as well. My wife does not switch. She does have various levels of dominance, however.

    My wife is also amazing in that she loves my femininity and I just want to so badly submit to her in all ways as my thanks to her!

  3. Whether we love our Female Masters dominant or not that is the hierarchy that shall evolve. the superiority of the Female shall eventually lead them to demand and command the male into the role of submissive feminized partner both to assert Their proper position and to exact revenge for the millenia of false servitude placed upon Them. Still, it behooves us to accept our submission and see the delight and amusement it gives Women.

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