Monday, December 20, 2010

I'd be the submissive partner! Wouldn't you?

I know that if I could be a girl's girlfriend I would be the girl on the right of course! I would be the submissive partner! I am quite submissive as a T-girl now!

I would imagine that in this photo the girl on the left told her submissive partner that they were going to a party and that she would be going naked. And the girl on the right willfully complied -- just as I would have!

Which girl would you be as a T-girl wanting to be a lesbian?

Monday, December 6, 2010

A great T-girl thought!

Would you want to live in a relationship of total femininity? What a great T-girl thought!

You and your lover both soft and smooth. Both with big gorgeous breasts, silky hair, luscious lips!

And oh yes! You would want to have a precious pussy just like your lover's! All you and your lover would want to do is play with and lick each other's pussies all night long! Every night! One moment of ecstasy after another!

Told you that was a great T-girl thought!