Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, to have a pussy!

I would love to be the girl on the left! Looking lovingly into my lover's eyes! Knowing that I will soon be feasting on her glorious pussy! And bringing her to ecstasy!

I am a submissive T-girl, so I definitely would be a submissive lesbian! My idea of pleasure is giving oral pleasure to my partner! I don't care if it is not reciprocated. I never ever expect it or demand it. I would just as soon it does not come up because I prefer to always be the submissive one.

If I had a pussy, however, would I change my thinking? Well, probably! If I had a pussy, I would want it to be licked for sure! That definitely would be a T-girl's dream come true! But would I change from being submissive? No way! That is so much a part of me, even out of the bedroom!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grooms should be brides!

I'm not sure where the photo at right came from, but I totally agree with the concept! How lucky it would be for a groom who was so inclined to become just like the bride!

I know many of us T-girls -- ever since we were very young sissies -- have dreamed of being a bride. Some of us want to be the brides of men and some us of wish to be the brides of women.

Well, since this blog is entitled T-Girls Who Wish They Were Lesbians, then I gather that since you are reading this then you wish you could be the bride of a woman and live as her lesbian partner!

I used to clip the pictures of girls in bridal gowns out of the Penney's catalog and put them in a folder with the lingerie ads that I also liked. This was when I was 12 or so.

How delightful that would be for a T-girl to give up what little manhood she has to live the life as a bride and housewife -- not to mention constant pussy pleasurer -- for an assertive woman!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love sweet Peaches!

I have several lezzie videos of this amazing European girl! She is one of my favorite lezzie stars and I already knew that she is an actual lesbian and not just doing it with girls when the camera is rolling!
Gina and Peaches, so much in love!

I wish I could be Peaches!
So I bought this video called "Most Subscribed" that she is and apparently her real-life girlfriend Gina B is in as well. At the very beginning, Peaches is talking. I almost skipped through it. But then she started talking about how when she was very young she started feeling like she was bi. As she grew older into her teen years she said she did not ever have the desire to have a boyfriend. She said she knew then that she was a lesbian.
She detailed how she had her first lesbian experience with a woman who was seven years older that she was. The woman asked her to come to her apartment to have a drink with her and Peaches said she just could not help herself and had hot sex with this woman. She said how much she loves the scent of women and how she loves to kiss and lick them all over!

So I'm watching this and it's making this T-girl want to be a lesbian so bad!
Peaches loves all parts of a woman like I do!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is my spot!

If you are a T-girl who wishes you were a lesbian then you either do spend or wish you could spend a lot of time in this position!

When I am there, not only do I concentrate on giving my mistress glorious orgasms, I also think about how much I too wish I had a precious pussy like my mistress does! And you know what, it hurts to have that yearning because I have always wished so hard that I could have a pussy.

I am sure that if you are a lifelong T-girl, you know exactly what I mean! We can dress up and be girlie, even take hormones to grew titties, but the hurt would never stop unless you have a pussy, would it? The T-girls who are courageous enough to get their pussies through surgery are so very fortunate despite having to through an ordeal to get one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here is a pretty feminine couple!

It would be great luck to be either one of them wouldn't it! Such feminity!

Does it matter if you are so very feminine but still possess a pathetic sissy clitty down below! Well, you know how I feel about that: of course not! These are two great-looking girls and a great lesbian couple! And you know what, I can't keep it from you! They are both T-girls! Iris and Carla!

If they were seen playing around like this on a beach, people would definitely think they were a lesbian couple!

But I'm sure they have great fun being T-girl lesbians. I envy them so much, don't you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lesbians lovers going for a walk!

Just another photo of lesbians lovers going for a walk on what appears to be their secluded property. I am a T-girl who certainly wishes that I were one of them!

I think I wish I were the girl on the right! She has such a nice butt!

You know that as they walk along holding hands that they will be stopping to hug and caress and kiss each other because they can't resist each other!

Oh how I wish that could be me!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is your cockette or nubbette ignored too?

My mistress no longer pays any attention to my nubbette. That is what I wished for -- to be a T-girl lesbian -- and I have gotten my wish. So those of you out there who are wishing for the same thing, just remember, be careful what you wish for!

For a while there, she would fondle my cockette before I pleasured her orally but she has stopped that. She long ago stopped wanting it inside of her because it really did not make any difference. I would spurt right away and she did not feel it in her anyway.

But just last night as I was orally pleasing her she demanded that I put my finger in her while I was licking and sucking. She evidently can feel my finger more that my sissy thingy. So I just lick her to an incredible orgasms and if she wants another I will caress her for a while until she calms down and I will start again. Of course she does not reciprocate. We cuddle our smooth girlie bodies against each other and she tells me how wonderful that was!

Anyone else have sex with your woman like this?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Being a college T-girl lesbian!

When I was in college, I was good girlfriend to both girls and guys! Of course, the guys did not want to go steady with me -- they just wanted blowjobs!

The girls did not want to go steady with me either. But get this! A lot of the girls were like the guys -- they wanted oral sex!

When I was in college -- and this was true in high school too -- the girls just loved me! In college especially, they wanted to be my close friend. They wanted to do stuff with me. They would have me up in their dorm rooms or apartments. They would talk with me and tell me their secrets. Just like I was their girlfriend! Some even had steady boyfriends at the time and they would constantly talk to me about them.

But in those four years, did any girl actually want to date me or go steady with me? No way! As a sissy and not a real guy, they treated me like one of their girlfriends. I was of course still struggling with being so different, but I guess there were a lot of fringe benefits in being a sissy girlfriend.

For instance, the head cheerleader was my close friend. And through her, I hung out with some of the other hot cheerleaders!

And what was great was that these hot girls would want to have me around. And we became really close because of how I treated them! They would have me over to their room and we would talk -- like I said, sometimes about boys and even the girls' boyfriends -- and I would start by giving them a nice nakie massage.

This would lead to hugging and kissing. And I would lick their pussies until they were in great ecstasy! If they wanted it again, I would do it again! And then we would kiss and hug some more and then just cuddle nakie and talk! And that's how it would end, until we got together next time!

But would these girls date me or go steady with me? Like I said, no way! I did not even get any return oral, but that was OK with me. Most of the time I kept on my panties anyway. And they certainly did not want me to screw them, even if I was in to that, which I was not.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I found a series of pictures that show what took place. I would have been like the girl with the streaks in her hair!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A nice position to be in!

Found this wonderful black and white photograph on another blog to which I subscribe!

As a T-girl, would you love to be one of those girls engaged in a sweet lesbian makeout session!

Your soft, smooth, hairless, sweet-smelling bodies rubbing against each other!

Your soft, sweet lips tasting each others!

Your hot pussies yearning for each others tongues and the pleasure that is forthcoming!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Walking with my woman!

I would love to be able to walk along a sunny beach like this with my woman! And I would gladly give up my little sissy T-girl clitty to be the girl on the left!

They are walking hand in hand and you know they are heading back to their beachfront condo for some afternoon delight in the way of pussy pleasuring!