Monday, March 28, 2011

Is your cockette or nubbette ignored too?

My mistress no longer pays any attention to my nubbette. That is what I wished for -- to be a T-girl lesbian -- and I have gotten my wish. So those of you out there who are wishing for the same thing, just remember, be careful what you wish for!

For a while there, she would fondle my cockette before I pleasured her orally but she has stopped that. She long ago stopped wanting it inside of her because it really did not make any difference. I would spurt right away and she did not feel it in her anyway.

But just last night as I was orally pleasing her she demanded that I put my finger in her while I was licking and sucking. She evidently can feel my finger more that my sissy thingy. So I just lick her to an incredible orgasms and if she wants another I will caress her for a while until she calms down and I will start again. Of course she does not reciprocate. We cuddle our smooth girlie bodies against each other and she tells me how wonderful that was!

Anyone else have sex with your woman like this?


  1. After your mistress has several orgasms insert a vibrator in her cunt while you continue to service her clit. Expect to spend a great deal more time providing oral services.

  2. Back a few relationships i was a goodtgirl lesbian for Mistress and then my klitty was very ignored... Now Mistress likes to be fucked and has me in cockrings to keep my Man-ly cock ready to service Her every whim...

    Both ways are great but i love Mistress so much i would never want to go back...