Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is my spot!

If you are a T-girl who wishes you were a lesbian then you either do spend or wish you could spend a lot of time in this position!

When I am there, not only do I concentrate on giving my mistress glorious orgasms, I also think about how much I too wish I had a precious pussy like my mistress does! And you know what, it hurts to have that yearning because I have always wished so hard that I could have a pussy.

I am sure that if you are a lifelong T-girl, you know exactly what I mean! We can dress up and be girlie, even take hormones to grew titties, but the hurt would never stop unless you have a pussy, would it? The T-girls who are courageous enough to get their pussies through surgery are so very fortunate despite having to through an ordeal to get one.


  1. Dear Stevie;
    Thank you, for your lovely blogs! This post is quite like the image I used for the first caption posted on my blog,(link below). I would truly rejoice if this perspective could be the view from my own eyes!
    You are so right in commending the courage of those women who had big enough balls to become the nearest expression of womanhood available to those not born as such! They are real heroines to many who, for whatever reason, will never arrive at such an intimate realization of their true selves!
    You do not appear to have 'Followers' activated for this blog, but I have listed it by URL on mine, and hope you drop by for a visit. It is just the beginnings of a TG Captions blog which, in starting to build it, has brought me to the certainty that I must endeavor toward better expression of who I really am. I might wish to contact you to get tips and exchange ideas & experiences, and hope you'll not feel that too forward of me, or presumptuous.

    'Elle-Jae Matthews' / w8z2x4m