Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love sweet Peaches!

I have several lezzie videos of this amazing European girl! She is one of my favorite lezzie stars and I already knew that she is an actual lesbian and not just doing it with girls when the camera is rolling!
Gina and Peaches, so much in love!

I wish I could be Peaches!
So I bought this video called "Most Subscribed" that she is and apparently her real-life girlfriend Gina B is in as well. At the very beginning, Peaches is talking. I almost skipped through it. But then she started talking about how when she was very young she started feeling like she was bi. As she grew older into her teen years she said she did not ever have the desire to have a boyfriend. She said she knew then that she was a lesbian.
She detailed how she had her first lesbian experience with a woman who was seven years older that she was. The woman asked her to come to her apartment to have a drink with her and Peaches said she just could not help herself and had hot sex with this woman. She said how much she loves the scent of women and how she loves to kiss and lick them all over!

So I'm watching this and it's making this T-girl want to be a lesbian so bad!
Peaches loves all parts of a woman like I do!

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