Monday, October 3, 2011

Grooms should be brides!

I'm not sure where the photo at right came from, but I totally agree with the concept! How lucky it would be for a groom who was so inclined to become just like the bride!

I know many of us T-girls -- ever since we were very young sissies -- have dreamed of being a bride. Some of us want to be the brides of men and some us of wish to be the brides of women.

Well, since this blog is entitled T-Girls Who Wish They Were Lesbians, then I gather that since you are reading this then you wish you could be the bride of a woman and live as her lesbian partner!

I used to clip the pictures of girls in bridal gowns out of the Penney's catalog and put them in a folder with the lingerie ads that I also liked. This was when I was 12 or so.

How delightful that would be for a T-girl to give up what little manhood she has to live the life as a bride and housewife -- not to mention constant pussy pleasurer -- for an assertive woman!