Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, to have a pussy!

I would love to be the girl on the left! Looking lovingly into my lover's eyes! Knowing that I will soon be feasting on her glorious pussy! And bringing her to ecstasy!

I am a submissive T-girl, so I definitely would be a submissive lesbian! My idea of pleasure is giving oral pleasure to my partner! I don't care if it is not reciprocated. I never ever expect it or demand it. I would just as soon it does not come up because I prefer to always be the submissive one.

If I had a pussy, however, would I change my thinking? Well, probably! If I had a pussy, I would want it to be licked for sure! That definitely would be a T-girl's dream come true! But would I change from being submissive? No way! That is so much a part of me, even out of the bedroom!