Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two pussies in your life!

Any T-girl would love to change places with either one of these girls! I know I would!

Could you just imagine what goes on between these two girls in their lovely bed of rose-design sheets!

The thought of having a pussy as well as having a delicious pussy to eat over and over again is really too much for a T-girl to handle.

I know I have always wished and pray and wished and prayed that I had my own pussy. Sometimes I have wished so hard that it hurt! But could imagine having two pussies in your life! Yours and your girlfriends!


  1. I would like to have a pussie to(

  2. Stevie, sweetie, this is a lovely image! And the thought of having a lover who shares her female flower with me and partakes of my own blossom beauteous is such a fabulous fantasy, (sadly, for me, it will probably only be so in this world).

    I feel moved to employ this image to compose a caption of you, for you. If you've any objections or preferences in this regard, your input would be appreciated, (name of GG/wife/lover, method of transformation, etc.). I know the work I compose is often vulgar, and usually explicit, but, between your posts here, and my desire to compose a fitting present for you, I would be a honored to tailor something for you.

    It is evident that this blog is more your personal expression of deep desire than a captioning effort. And I'm not asking that you depart from what moves you, only for your input to aim for something pleasing to your tastes.

    Please, let me know your thoughts in this regard, via email or a reply here. If you'd like to look at some of my work, I blog here:


    Cordially yours;
    Elle-Jae Matthews

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  5. well, at least i am half-way there. i do have one delightful pussy in my life....Mine. Now all i need is to find the woman who will carry me like in the video....sigh.