Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lesbian girlfriends at the beach!

This is what it would look like if I were lying on the beach with my mistress! From behind anyway!

My little sissy clitty would be pressed against the towel where it belongs. I am smooth like my mistress and neither one of us has tan lines!

We would look like just another couple of social girlfriends or even lesbian girlfriends on the beach! Little would people know! And they obviously would not know how much of a lesbian I am at heart!


  1. Oh, Stevie, what amazing scenery you two would add to the beach! And then there would be the 'tedious task' of checking each-other to make sure no sand got into places it oughtn't have!


  2. that would be just what i would want....being like best girlfriends but both of you knowing that she is totally in charge. she would say or do anything she decided, even cruel things cuz we both know we, or at least i, would need and crave her dominance. that's how our love would grow.